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Make Korean potato pancake like a Galette

This time, we will show you how to make potato pancakes like galette.Typical potato pancakes have a sticky texture, but...

Introducing how to make delicious tofu ajillo that goes well with both rice and alcohol.

Here is a recipe for a spicy tofu ajillo that will make you drink more.

Kimchi made with seasonal Mustard greens and radish

This time, I will introduce how to make kimchi, which is a combination of seasonal Mustard greens and radish. Mustard greens has a unique aroma and pungent taste, and its crispy texture is delicious.

Very easy! How to make cabbage kimchi

Introducing how to make simple kimchi that can be eaten immediately after making it using cabbage.

Oyster soup that can be made in 5 minutes for busy mornings

I will introduce how to make oyster soup that can be made in 5 minutes on a busy morning.

Green onion kimchi that anyone can easily and deliciously make

Green onion kimchi that anyone can easily and deliciously make.

Spinach namul made with natural seasonings

Here is how to make spinach namul without chemical seasonings and with natural seasonings to give it a professional taste. This recipe can be applied not only to spinach namul but also to other namuls.

Persimmon transforms into delicious kimchi

We propose a different way to eat persimmons. The fruit persimmon transforms into kimchi, and you can meet the new taste of persimmon.

How to make bulgogi that does not fail at the golden ratio 황금비율로 실패하지 않는 불고기 만드는 법

I will teach you how to make simple and delicious bulgogi using the golden ratio. You can enjoy bulgogi at home like you would eat in Korea.

Easy! Potato pancake(Gamja-jeon) 

How to make korean potato pancake (Gamja-jeon) , Korean potato pancake recipe