Green onion kimchi that anyone can easily and deliciously make

ネギキムチ作り方 キムチレシピ

Hello everyone. 
The dish introduced this time is kimchi using green onions.

Green onion kimchi is a dish that takes a little time and effort, but we will deliver a recipe that anyone can easily make.

・2 pack of green onions(200g) 
・Green onion kimchi base 

Make Green onion kimchi base.

・1/2 apple (125g)  
・1/4 Onion (50g) 
・3 tbsp hot pepper flakes  
・2 tsp of sesame seeds 
・2 tbsp Salted fermented shrimp(Saeujeot) 
・2 tbsp fish sauce 

Grate apples and onions and mix with other ingredients.

Cut the green onions into 5cm pieces.

Put the green onions in a bowl, add the green onion kimchi base, and mix gently.
Put it in a container and let it mature to your taste before eating.

You can eat it immediately after making it, but it will be more delicious if it is aged at room temperature (about 25 ° C) for one day.

Please also refer to the video recipe. 

Have a delicious day!

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