How to make Tomato kimchi

Tomato kimchi キムチレシピ

This time, we will introduce tomato kimchi that can be easily made using kimchi seasoning.
Moreover, I think it’s more fashionable than other tomato kimchi ^.^


Let’s start with the materials.

・9~10 cherry tomatoes 
・Appropriate amount of mozzarella cheese 
・Appropriate amount of fresh basil
・1tbsp cider 
・2tbsp kimchi seasoning 
・1/2tbsp fish sauce 
 ・Appropriate amount of fresh salted pepper
*You can also use dried pepper. 

Make  kimchi seasoning.

Cut the following ingredients into small pieces, mix and put in a bowl.

・1/4 apple (50g) 
・1/4 Onion (50g) 
・2tbsp Salted fermented shrimp(Saeujeot)
・2tbsp fish sauce 
・3/4 C water (150cc) 
*It is more delicious if you use Niboshi Dashi (dried sardines stock) or beef broth instead of water.
・1C(200cc) hot pepper flakes 
・3tbsp sugar 
・2tbsp garlic 
・1tbsp ginger 

Mix Ⓐ and Ⓑ to complete.
*If you can't use it within a week, freeze it and then thaw it before use. 

Boil the tomatoes, peel them, and use kitchen paper to remove the water.

Put the amount of kimchi seasoning, cider, and sardine extract in a bowl to make a Tomato kimchi sauce.

Spread the sauce on a plate, line up the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, and add basil and pepper to finish.

Please also refer to the video recipe.👇👇👇

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Have a delicious day!